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modified: 27 Jun 2006

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For MINIX 3 go to http://www.minix3.org. (Minix 3 released Oct 2005)

Minix1.woodhull.com now hosts the web pages and download directories previously available from Minix1.hampshire.edu, which is no longer on-line.

There are two main download directories.

Contributions here are all for Minix 2. The new Minix3.org software page is the place to look for new packages ported to Minix 3. But if you are looking for something to use with Minix 2, or something that has not yet been ported to Minix 3, look in these directories under pub/ here:

(*) Contributors are asked to provide a short text file describing packages submitted here. The descriptive files are available in the download directory, or may be browsed or downloaded as a single archive

Note that some newer archives are compressed with gzip, which was not part of the original Minix 2 distribution, but which has since been ported. These files are identified by a .gz or .tgz suffix, and are handled similarly to files made with the standard compress program:

gunzip file.gz
gunzip < file.tgz | tar xvfp -

If you don't have gzip installed, it is available here. There is more information at pub/contrib/gzip-133.txt and the package can be downloaded from pub/contrib/gzip-133.tar.Z.


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