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modified: 27 Jun 2006

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For MINIX 3 go to http://www.minix3.org. (Minix 3 released Oct 2005)

The Minix 2.0.4 distribution is available here. This is the last and preferred release of Minix 2. If you want to make serious use of Minix 2.0.4 please be sure you apply all the changes available in the Minix 2.0.4 fixes directory, which is up-to-date as of June 2006.

The links above point to the "standard" Minix installation directory, from which files can be downloaded to install Minix on a system without a network or a CD-ROM drive. There are also a number of "packaged" Minix installations, for instance, stripped-down systems that fit on a small number of floppy disks, virtual Minix systems to run on emulators or virtualizers such as VMWare, and a bootable Minix 2.0.3 CD-ROM installation. These are all in the Demos and Alternative Installations directory.

If you are using Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 2nd edition to study Minix, see the Minix 2.0.4 Changes to see differences between the initial Minix 2 release and the 2.0.4 release.

Earlier Minix 2 releases, such as version 2.0.0 (released in late 1996 and distributed on CD-ROM with OSDI2), Minix 2.0.2 (released in 1998) and Minix 2.0.3 (2002) may be downloaded from the archives at the Minix-vmd or Minix3.org sites. These archives also provide older (Minix 1.1 through 1.7.x) files, including ports of earlier versions to non-Intel platforms.

Some URLs on this site have been redirected. For instance, links to the html versions of Minix 2.0.0 through 2.0.3 man pages now point to the Minix 2.0.4 man pages.


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