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modified: 30 Dec 2005

What's new in the downloads section

This list is provided to help users of this site find new or changed pages in public downloadable files directories. It will be updated every day in the early morning (US Eastern time). For a similar list of new or changed files in the web pages portion of the site, see the What's New listing for the web pages.

This listing shows file names, sizes, and date and time of last modification. For web pages (html files) the page title is also shown. Appearance on this list usually means there has been a change in content, but files may also be modified to correct minor errors with no substantial change in content.

You may also want to look at the Latest News page. This may contain descriptions of major additions to the site. It is manually edited, so its timeliness depends upon how busy the system manager is with other projects.

Files modified within last 7 days

/FTPINDEX.html 323768    Dec 30 05:00:10 2005  
/FTPINDEX.txt 318789    Dec 30 05:00:08 2005   not html
/contrib/INDEX.html 23978    Dec 30 05:30:07 2005  


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