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modified: 6 Dec 2006

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For MINIX 3 go to http://www.minix3.org. (Minix 3 released Oct 2005)


Minix in Classroom and Lab

There is a Teaching with Minix HowTo page here, and associated with this is a list of links to all of the Minix related course websites I have been able to find.

Minix 2, Minix 3, and this page

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, although Minix 3 was released in late 2005 and has many advances over Minix 2, the latter is still in widespread use, especially for teaching. Thus maintenance of this website will continue. The main focus is on supporting Minix 2 users, but much of the information on this site and sites linked to here may be relevant to Minix 3 as well. Some links to sites that are primarily oriented toward Minix 3 have been added. If the description of a site says Minix 3 the material there may or may not be relevant to Minix 2.

Minix 3 sites

Minix 2 sites

Minix newsgroup and mailing list archives

Minix projects

Minix documentation

Some Minix people

Other links of interest:

Minix info in languages other than English:

(I'm looking for more)

If you have or know of a page that you would like to see linked here, please contact the maintainer of this page.


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