Demos of DOS-Minix with PPP

modified 22 Jan 2003

Claudio M. Tantignone <ctantignone@hotmail.com> submitted the files posted in the /pub/demos-2.0/ppp16/ and /pub/demos-2.0/ppp32/ directories. In each directory can be found an explanatory text file and .zip files containing ready-to-unpack 16-bit or 32-bit DOS-Minix systems with PPP installed, ready to network via modem. (If you aren't familiar with the procedure for running Minix under MS-DOS or Windows (* see note on Windows, below) using a DOS/Windows file as a simulated disk, read the DOS-Minix page first.)

These demos have no compiler and the commands sources are not included, but it has the full PPP source and documentation. The kernel is the one Claudio is using at home.

Here is an edited version of the README file for the oldest version, based on Minix 2.0.2 and PPP 1.2. The newest version (as of Jan 2003) is based on Minix 2.0.3 and PPP 1.5.2. When you unpack the zip file in your DOS directory you should find a README for the current version:

This zip file contains a basic Minix system that allows you to connect via slip or ppp to an ISP.

The minimum requirement for this system is around 1 Mbytes. Any 16 bit system can run this code, but an XT may have problems with memory. It is strongly recommended that you try to use a 286 or better procesor.

You need to edit the basic configuration files for nameserver and the scripts to login to your ISP.

The full ppp/slip package is included, and the binaries needed to work with it.

The basic steps to boot are:
from DOS, execute

   c:\> boot ppp16.mnx
> after the logon banner, type = and start using Minix. There is no root password, to avoid confusion.

Check the documentation. If you have any problem, e-mail me.

Claudio Tantignone

Note on Windows

DOS-Minix was originally developed to work with MS-DOS; it will also work with Microsoft Windows 3.1. For Windows 95, 98, and Me you have to restart Windows in DOS mode (or interrupt the original loading of Windows with F8 and start in command-line mode). In general, the newer the version of Windows the less well-tested this system is.

DOS-Minix requires the use of the old FAT file system. It will not work on the native NTFS file system of Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. If you have one of these Windows versions and have a partition that is formatted as FAT you can probably use DOS-Minix on the FAT partition, but you may need to start your system with a boot floppy made under MS-DOS or one of the older Windows versions to make things work right.


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