Where to Get Minix and Minix Info

Revised 17 February 2005

Q: Where can I get Minix, (or information about Minix, or software for Minix)?

A: The following duplicates information available on this site in other places, and is probably not complete, but I think it will be helpful:

Obtaining the Minix Operating System

Minix 3 has been available since October 2005.

Minix 3 is available from the minix3.org site in the Netherlands.

Minix 2.0.* releases

The Minix 2.0.0 distribution for Intel platforms only can be found here:

There have been enhancements to Minix since the publication of the book and the release of Minix 2.0.0.

Newer releases are available at these sites:

Older versions of Minix are also available on the net:

Minix-vmd, a customized version of 32-bit Minix supporting virtual memory and the X-Window system, is available at:

Contributed software for Minix 2.0.0 and experimental add-ons can be found at:

There are also archives of the mailing list and the newsgroup:

Go to the Minix archives page on this site for more information

Q: How about Minix documentation?

A: There is a Minix documentation section on the Hints/FAQ page.

Q: Are there other Minix web or ftp sites?

A: Check out this site's LINKS page, listed below. And let me know if you learn of others that I should add to the list.

Q: How about non-English language sites?

A: I have listed a few such sites in the translations of Minix info section of the LINKS page. I suspect there are more, and I will add them when I hear of them.


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