Minix 1.5 Reference Manual availability

modified: 28 Apr 2007

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[originally written 13 May 2000]

A person experimenting with Minix 1.5 on an Atari system wrote:

I'm not real experienced with Unix-like operating systems, and could
really use the Minix 1.5 manual designed to accompany the software.
Any ideas where I could get one?  Also, the man files weren't on the
disk images I downloaded to get the installation.  Anybody know where I
could get them?

Most of the parts of the Minix 1.5 Reference Manual that might still be of interest are now posted at http://minix1.woodhull.com/pub/refman.1.5/. This includes the Amiga, Atari, and MacIntosh installation chapters. The IBM and Sun SPARC installation chapters are not included, since Minix 2.0 is now available for these platforms.

Different parts are in different formats. Most of the chapters are nroff source files. The Minix 1.5 nroff command is not adequate to format these files, nor is cawf, the nroff look-alike included with Minix 2.0.0. However, nroff or groff on a standard Unix system or Linux can be used. The directory contains a macros file for use in formatting the .nrf files.

The Extended Manual Pages (Chapter 9 in early versions, Chapter 10 in later versions) are available as a shar archive which can be easily converted into a series of text files on any Unix system (including Minix). Minix 2.0 also includes a man section 9 with updated versions of some of the extended man pages. These are available on line in html form at http://minix1.woodhull.com/current/2.0.4/wwwman/man9/. They are also now part of the Minix 3 distribution, and available at http://www.minix3.org/manpages/.

The regular man pages are in http://minix1.woodhull.com/pub/minix.1.5/man/. They are formatted for use with the non-standard Minix1.5 man(1) command, but they are really just a series of text files and can be read or printed like any text file. See the README.html and README.man.1.5.html files in that directory for information about the format and use of the Minix 1.5 man pages.

Note: the filenames of the original Minix 1.5 man sections were named man1, man2, ... ,man8. They have been renamed here with .txt extensions for compatibility with web browsers.


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