Compiling and using Minix 2.0.3 network support

rev 25 Nov 2002

Minix 2.0.3 networking is a little different from earlier releases.

Q: I've been following Al's instructions on Networking Minix here:

- I edited /usr/include/minix/config.h. Set ENABLE_NETWORKING to 1.
- Increased NR_PTYS and NR_PROCS.
- ran make in /usr/src/tools.
- copied the image file to the root directory as filename 'minix.net'.
- set 'image=minix.net' at the boot prompt. (and saved)
- set DPETH0=on at the boot prompt.

I must have forgotten something because I get the following when
running ifconfig: 

  # ifconfig
  ifconfig: Unable to open '/dev/ip': No such device
  * ls -al /dev | grep ip
  crw-------  2 root      operator     7,    2 Feb 20   2000  ip
  crw-------  2 root      operator     7,    2 Feb 20   2000  ip0

all the devices that should be there do exist. /dev/tcp, /dev/udp,
/dev/ttyp0 etc etc.

What have I neglected to do?

A: Read man boot. In 2.0.3 the boot parameters can include a servers=
parameter to start special services.

From man boot:

     servers=program[,program...] Names the special servers that must 
                                  be started in /usr/etc/rc.

The setting servers=inet will start the TCP/IP server.