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revised 16 February 2005

In response to requests for a way to browse individual files in the Minix source code tree without having to download massive archive files, I have made the source code for the Minix OS as used at my sites available on the web. Click here to browse the Minix source tree. The C headers (include files) are also browsable.

NOTE: Before looking at the source for the first time, please read the rest of this page:

This is the actual working code from which Minix is compiled on this system. Since May 2000 both sites, minix1.hampshire.edu and minix1.bio.umass.edu, have been operating under Minix 2.0.2. Mostly the code is identical to the official releases (as available in compressed archive files on the ftp sites). However, some files have been modified as the result of published fixes or for reasons unique to this site.

If the date of a Minix 2.0.0 file is Oct 1, 1996, it is identical to the CD-ROM version. In cases where a file has been modified the official/original version is usually also available, with "20", "201" or "202" appended to its name if it is from Minix 2.0, 2.0.1, or 2.0.2.

Some Minix 2.0.2 files will appear to be older versions than their counterparts in the 2.0.0 release. In fact, if a file in the 2.0.2 sources seems to be older than Oct 1, 1996, it is really identical to the file in the 2.0.0 version. For reasons that seemed good at the time all files in the 2.0.0 release were touched with that date when the Minix CD-ROM was being prepared. In cases where a modified Minix 2.0.2 file is in use the official/original version will have "202" appended to its name.

These directories may contain object files (type .o). If so, it is simply that we forgot to do a "make clean" after recompiling the system. Downloading these object files will do you little good and will waste your time. Just ignore them.

This service is provided for the benefit of those who want to read the source of one or a few files. Please don't try to download all of Minix this way. That's a waste of time and bandwidth. If you want to download Minix it is strongly recommended that you make an ftp connection to the master Minix site in Amsterdam or to the ftp directories on minix1.hampshire.edu or minix1.bio.umass.edu, and follow the instructions to download the compressed archives. Copying individual files with a web browser is a good idea only if you need just one or a couple of files. But if you are the type of person who likes to browse source code, welcome!

Please be patient, many directories are indexed only by our "on the fly" index generator, dir2html. Eventually all directories should have a reasonably informative index page, but it will take time.


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