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modified: 27 Jun 2006

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For MINIX 3 go to http://www.minix3.org. (Minix 3 released Oct 2005)


This page gives brief descriptions of Minix Networking Software from Michael Temari. Please send any bugs, fixes, wishes, comments, questions, etc... regarding any of this software to Michael@TemWare.Com.

In the /pub/inet/ directory all publically released versions of Michael's packages may be found. This directory is maintained for archival purposes. The most recent version of each package, along with a short descriptive text file, will also be available in the /pub/contrib/ directory. Normally the latest version is the preferred version, unless you have some reason to need to use an older version. This is especially important in the case of network servers such as ftpd and httpd, since these daemons allow connections over a network, and this can be dangerous if your system is misconfigured or if bugs are discovered by people with bad intentions.

In case of doubt, please check Michael's own system (http://TemWare.com/files/) to see if he has posted a newer version of one of these packages.

Temari network programs and Minix 3

Developmental versions of Minix 3 became available for testing in the first half of 2006, and a public release of Minix 3.1.0 occurred in October 2006. All of the current versions of Michael's Minix network software have been tested and work equally well on Minix 2 or Minix 3. All earlier versions will probably work on either Minix 2 or Minix 3 if compiled on the target system. Feedback about exceptions would be appreciated.


June 2006: Httpd 0.995 available. Support for redirection has been added.
Updated man pages ftp.1, http_status.5, httpd.conf.5, httpd.8, ftp.1, and urlget.1 have been posted along with several other new or updated man pages in the Minix 2.0.4 fixes and patches directory in the archive man0606.tar.Z.

March 2005: Httpd 0.994 available. Modified for more security when invoking CGI programs.

Note (updated Feb 2005): This page needs revision. A number of packages described here as being the same as on the Minix 2.0.0 CD-ROM are really newer versions. Look at the raw directory index to see actual package dates. Among the updated packages here are:

February 2005: Ftpd version 1.01 is available. Earlier versions should be replaced by this one to fix a serious bug.

February 2005: Ftp release 1.01 available, has a fix of a minor bug.

July 2003: Httpd version 0.993.

March 2003: Netdate version 1.1. (Note that newer versions of Minix have an rdate command in the standard distribution, so you may not need this).

Most of the packages described here, as well as earlier versions and some others not described, are in the /pub/inet directory (click to see the raw index). Also, the newest version of each package should be in the /pub/contrib directory, along with a short descriptive text file. An index to contributed software descriptive files is also available.

Michael Temari wrote:

As I package up each program I will add them to this page. So check back often if you don't see what you're looking for. Also as changes are made I will update this page.

NEW 07/07/2003 New version of httpd web server! With man pages!

NEW 01/25/2001 New version of dhcp!

NEW 04/21/2000 Now available QuickCam ported software to add a webcam to your Minix Web Site.

dhcp - dhcp.tar dhcp.tar.Z

I have just written a DHCP client for Minix 2.0.2. Upon startup instead of manually configuring Minix with ifconfig or using rarpd you can have Minix configure the IP address, Netmask, and Gateway from a DHCP server.

urlget - urlget.tar urlget.tar.Z

More featured replacement for httpget. To compile on pre 2.0.3 Minix change urlget.c to include strncasecmp.

lynx-2.7.1 - lynx-2.7.1.tgz

lynx-2.4.2 - lynx-2.4.2.taz

lynx-2.4.2 has been ported to Minix. It will only run on a 386 or better and to compile you must install fix-4 which gives make the ability to include files. Also /usr/lib/em_cemcom.ansi will probably need to be chmem on your system. It is set to 1006012 on Minix1.

daytimed - daytimed.tar daytimed.tar.Z

NOTE: This version same as in 2.0 CD

daytimed is a TCP server which listens on port daytime (13) and returns the time of the local host in human readable format. (See RFC867).

timed - timed.tar timed.tar.Z

NOTE: This version same as in 2.0 CD

timed is a TCP server which listens on port time (37) and returns the time of the local host. (See RFC868).

ftp - ftp.tar ftp.tar.Z

NOTE: This version newer than in 2.0 CD

ftp is a TCP client program which connects to ftp servers. It is driven by the ftp protocol. (See RFC959).

ftpd - ftpd.tar ftpd.tar.Z

NOTE: This version newer than in 2.0 CD

ftpd is a TCP server which listens on port ftp (21) and is driven by the ftp protocol. (See RFC959).

netdate - netdate.tar netdate.tar.Z

NOTE: This version same as in 2.0 CD

netdate is a TCP client which can compare or set the system date and time to another host which is running a timed server. (See RFC868).

readclock - readclock.c readclock.c.Z

NOTE: This version same as in 2.0 CD

NOTE: Obsolete since readclock in 2.0.2 has setting ability.

readclock updates the readclock located in /usr/src/commands/ibm and if linked to setclock will allow setting of the realtime clock. If you run your realtime clock on UTC time then call setclock with -u otherwise have the appropriate TZ setting and run setclock with no parameters. This can be used in conjunction with netdate -hs to set both the system time and the realtime clock. BTW, the realtime clock is what is used on boot up to set the system time.

httpget - httpget.tar httpget.tar.Z

NOTE: This version newer than in 2.0 CD

httpget is a client program which takes as parameters a host and file url and outputs as stdout the http document.

httpd - httpd.tar.Z

NOTE: This version newer (July 2003) than in 2.0 CD

NOTE: You are running this server now.

httpd is a TCP server which listens on port http (80) and is driven by the http protocol. (See HTTP Documents).

netreg - netreg.tar netreg.tar.Z

NOTE: This is not on any distribution

netreg is my network registration CGI which you use to have to run to obtain a password to access this page. It is a good sample program for writing your own CGI programs. It comes with wwwforms which is an easy interface for getting data passed to a program in either GET or POST mode.

frog - frog.tar frog.tar.Z

NOTE: This version newer than in 2.0 CD

NOTE: The updates below are included in Minix 1.7.4

frog is my version of traceroute. It is a program which shows the hops to the given destination. You will need to update /usr/src/inet/generic/ ip_write.c so that you do not get write errors with destination unreachable. Since you will be compiling inet you might as well update /usr/src/inet/generic/ ip_ioctl.c which fixes a problem where a buffer is not released.

talk - talk.tar talk.tar.Z

NOTE: This version same as in 2.0 CD

talk is a network client program which allows you to have text conversations with users that are either local or remote.

talkd - talkd.tar talkd.tar.Z

NOTE: This version same as in 2.0 CD

talkd is a network server program which is used in conjunction with talk.


Michael Temari

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