About Descriptive Text Files in the Contributed Software Directory

modified: 7 May 2006

The /pcontrib directory contains short text files, each of which describes a package with the same base name which may be found here in the /pub/contrib contributed software directory.

These files can be accessed with a web browser using the http protocol. (Because of security concerns anonymous ftp is no longer available.)

Depending upon the contributor's preference the package may be stored as a .tar.Z, a .taz, a .gz, or some other file type. (Note: a .taz file is equivalent to a .tar.Z file, and may be renamed as such during or after download. The .taz designation is compatible with MS-DOS and Windows file naming conventions and also helps keep file names from exceeding the Minix 2 length limit of 14 characters).

The first two lines of each file are shown in the Description Index, and each file may be read by clicking on its title on that page.

Contributed Minix files have not necessarily been tested or used by anyone other than the contributor, and should not be considered part of any official Minix distribution, although they may be considered for inclusion in a future distribution. Potential contributors are invited to submit work when they are ready to have it tested by others; user feedback is invited. In general the descriptive text files have been written by the contributors of the software, unless otherwise noted.

On another page you can find information about submitting a contribution.

All of the descriptive files can be downloaded in a single file as a compressed tar archive, pcontrib.tar.Z.

Note: The contributed software directory is only a part of what is available at here. This directory generally contains only the most recent version of each package; older versions are moved to the /pub/contrib-old directory. Other parts of the archive include the Minix 2.0.4 distribution for Intel i86 and i386 platforms, Michael Temari's complete set of network software for Minix, and many contributed programs from Claudio Tantignone.


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