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17 February 2005

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The following is from the /pub/README file:

README asw rev 15 Feb 2005
for http://minix1.hampshire.edu/pub/ and http://minix1.bio.umass.edu/pub/
For info about other mirror sites see mirrors.html on the web page. 

Minix Operating System Installation files:

-- Everything needed to install either Minix 2.0.0 (as described in 
   Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 2nd ed.), Minix 
   2.0.2, Minix 2.0.3, or Minix 2.0.4 (currently the cutting edge of 
   standard Minix) on an Intel platform is available on this site. The 
   /pub/minix.2.0 directory contains subdirectories for versions 2.0.0, 
   2.0.2, 2.0.3, and 2.0.4.

-- Ftp.cs.vu.nl has some additional files from the Minix 2.0.0 CD-ROM, such
   as PostScript versions of documentation and files for installation on 
   non-Intel platforms, that are not available here.

Minix supplemental material and contributions:
   Other directories contain extras, possibly not available elsewhere.

-- /pub/inet has Michael Temari's networking extensions for Minix

-- /pub/ct_net has Claudio Tantignone's original and ported contributions.

-- /pub/contrib has contributed stuff, work in progress, etc. 

-- material specific to Minix 1.5 is in the /pub/minix.1.5 directory.

/pub/FTPINDEX contains a recursive directory listing of all files in the 
public download area.  /pub/FTPINDEX is updated daily.

If you want to contribute something see the /subm-how.html web page.

Please note that network connections to this system are logged. If you
don't want to be identified you shouldn't use this system.  
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