Minix on Handheld Computers?

rev. 16 Nov 2004

Note 17 Oct 2004: I recently received an e-mail that said: Just thought you should know that all of the offsite links on http://minix1.bio.umass.edu/faq/mxhandhld.html ("Minix on Handheld Computers?") are broken, except for the link to http://www.technoir.nu/hplx/minix (Newer Minix port on HP200LX). I checked this out and was not happy to find this was true. However, things were not as bad as they seemed at first -- I found archived copies of the missing material and one new site. There's more on how I found the missing pages below.

Several projects to port Minix to handheld devices have been reported:

How I found the missing pages: the Wayback Machine is where I found archives of the pages reported as dead links. There are other possibilities for retrieving information. I have some hints that may be helpful on the Finding Lost Sites and Pages page.

I appreciate feedback about bad links -- I don't have time to check everything myself!


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