Universidad Nacional de Ingeniera (UNI)

Managua, Nicaragua

Nicaragua's Universidad Nacional de Ingeniera "Simon Bolivar" (UNI) was founded in 1983, consolidating programs in architecture and various branches of engineering that had previously been located in several institutions, both public (like the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, UNAN), and private (such as the Universidad de Centro America, UCA, a Jesuit institution). The main campus is located in what had been the campus under construction of a private secondary school that was destroyed in the 1972 Managua earthquake and was never used or repaired until the UNI took over. Many of the buildings have been redesigned for seismic safety by the department of architecture and reconstructed.

I first made contact with the UNI in 1985, and made a short visit at the end of 1986 and the start of 1987, to make arrangemnents to spend a sabbatical six months there in 1988, in what was then the Departamento de Ingenieria en Computacion. I returned for a semester in 1990, during which I worked in both Computacion and Ingenieria Electrica e Electronica, now merged into the Facultad de Electrotecnica. I have maintained connections there since. Several people who were my students in 1988 are now members of the faculty.

The UNI now has its own UNI web page.

I have also taught at another Nicaraguan University, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua (UNAN).

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