Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua (UNAN)

Managua, Nicaragua

The UNAN is the national university of Nicaragua. The oldest campus is at Leon, but the Managua campus (Recinto Urbano Ruben Dario, RURD) is the largest one now. Several other institutions are affiliated with it.

As in many other Latin American countries the designation "autonomous" in its name means that it has certain constitutional guarantees of independence from the government, which nevertheless is obligated, again constitutionally, to support the university system. Despite these guarantees there has been a lot of friction, including a failure of the government to provide the financial support.

I taught in the Departamento de Computacion at the UNAN during the 1993 school year (Feb - Dec 1993). A Hampshire College student, Peter Young, spent the first semester of 1994 there, and I made a brief visit near the end of 1994. I have continued to maintain contact with the University, and I plan to return there for six months, beginning in February 1997.

These are some of my colleagues and students in the department:

Patricia is one of the young Nicaraguan faculty members who do the bulk of the teaching.

Richard is from Australia, and spent two years at UNAN in 1993 and 1994, teaching various computer science subjects.

William and Isabel were students in 1993, but already had great responsibilities as laboratory assistants. They completed their studies and monografia (undergraduate thesis) in 1994 and now have day jobs outside the university and teach night courses. I was pleased that William was able to visit me briefly in Amherst in 1996, while attending a training course near Boston for his company.

The UNAN now has its own UNAN web page.

I have also taught at another Nicaraguan University, the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI).

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