ftp - a File Transfer Protocol client for Minix

     ftp [server_name]

     Ftp is a File Transfer Protocol  client  for  Minix  written  by  Michael

     There are no command line options for  ftp  except  the  optional  server
     name,  which  may  be  either  a  numeric  IP  address  or  a domain name
     resolvable by DNS.

     If a server name is specified a connection attempt will be made. If  this
     is  successful  you  will be prompted for a user name and password by the
     remote system. Following the login (or immediately, if no server name was
     specified), the
     prompt is displayed. The following commands are accepted at the prompt:

     Command:      Description
     !             Escape to a shell
     append        Append a file to remote host
     ascii         Set file transfer type to ascii
     binary        Set file transfer type to binary
     block         Set file transfer mode to block
     bye           Close connection and exit
     cd            Change directory on remote host
     close         Close connection
     clone         Clone a file
     del           Remove file on remote host
     dir           Display long form remote host directory listing
     exit          Close connection and exit
     get           Retrieve a file from remote host
     help          Display this text
     lcd           Change directory on local host
     ldir          Display long form local host directory listing
     lls           Display local host directory listing
     lmkdir        Create directory on local host
     lpwd          Display current directory on local host
     lrmdir        Remove directory on local host
     ls            Display remote host directory listing
     mget          Retrieve multiple files from remote host
     mkdir         Create directory on remote host
     mod           Get file modification time
     mput          Send multiple files to remote host
     noop          Send the ftp NOOP command
     open          Open connection to remote host
     pass          Enter remote user password
     passive       Toggle passive mode
     put           Send a file to remote host
     putu          Send a file to remote host(unique)
     pwd           Display current directory on remote host
     quit          Close connection and exit
     quote         Send raw ftp command to remote host
     reget         Restart a partial file retrieve from remote host
     remotehelp    Display ftp commands implemented on remote host
     reput         Restart a partial file send to remote host
     rm            Remove file on remote host
     rmdir         Remove directory on remote host
     site          Send a site specific command
     size          Get file size information
     status        Get connection/file status information
     stream        Set file transfer mode to stream
     system        Get remote system type information
     user          Enter remote user information
     ver           Display client version information


     The FTP protocol passes unencrypted usernames and passwords  to  clients,
     so they are potentially exposed to evildoers with network sniffers. So be
     wary of using this to exchange files between your own accounts. Obviously
     if  you  have a root account on another system and the remote system will
     accept a login as root this is extremely  dangerous.  (Many  ftp  servers
     will not allow a connection by root).

     Text-mode (ASCII) transfers are the default mode, be sure  to  enter  the
     "binary"  command  if  you are downloading a program file or a compressed
     archive. In fact, you should use binary mode for anything  other  than  a
     text  file  from  a  machine with a different text-file format than Minix

     If you are behind a firewall you probably need to  use  passive  mode  to
     successfully transfer files.

     None are known, but there may be some unknown ones. Version 1.00 corrects
     a bug in previous versions that would append a \r (0xd) character to file
     names on the destination when an mget transfer was used in binary mode.

     This Minix ftp client was created by and is maintained by Michael  Temari
     <Michael@TemWare.Com>. The earliest version was released in 1992, for use
     with Michael's TNet networking extensions for Minix 1.5.

     Man page compiled by Al Woodhull <asw@woodhull.com>

     This man page is applicable to Minix 2 and Minix 3 releases through Minix
     3.1.2a. This page was not part of the standard set of man pages for Minix
     releases through Minix 3.1.2a.