urlget, ftpget, httpget - retrieve a file from the internet to stdout

     urlget [-h] [-d] [-p] url

     ftpget host path [user[pass]]

     httpget [-h] [-d] [-p] host path

     Urlget gets a file specified by a URL and copies it to standard output.

     Ftpget similarly gets a file from a conventional ftp server, a login name
     and password can be specified.

     Httpget is similar to  urlget,  but  the  host  and  path  are  specified
     separately without a scheme, as with ftpget.


     -h   show the status line and MIME header from the server.

     -d discard the file body.

     -p use POST method, otherwise use GET.


     urlget http://minix1.woodhull.com/pub/contrib/file.tar.Z > file.tar.Z
                         # Download file.tar.Z

     ftpget minix1.woodhull.com /pub/contrib/README.txt > README.txt
                         # Get a file from an anonymous ftp server

     httpget -dh minix1.woodhull.com/index.html
                         # Inspect the header of a web page

     These commands execute the  same  binary  under  different  names.  These
     commands  provide  a  lightweight  non-interactive command-line method of
     downloading a file or inspecting the status of a web page. Data retrieved
     are written to standard output.

     Michael Temari <Michael@TemWare.Com>

     Man page compiled by Al Woodhull <asw@woodhull.com>

     This man page is applicable to Minix 2 and Minix 3 releases through Minix
     3.1.2a. This page was not part of the standard set of man pages for Minix
     releases through Minix 3.1.2a.