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README for Minix 1.5 Reference Manual

README for Minix 1.5 Reference Manual

modified: 14 Jul 2004


This directory contains selected parts of the Minix 1.5 Reference Manual. 

 1. Introduction

 2. IBM PC installation manual (obsolete)

 3. Atari installation manual

 4. Amiga installation manual

 5. MacIntosh installation manual

 6. Sun SPARC installation manual (obsolete)

 7. Using Minix (all platforms)

 8. Recompiling (all platforms)

 9. Manual pages (see note below) 

10. Extended manual pages
Note: The IBM and Sun SPARC chapters are obsolete, and are not included
here because Minix 2.0 is now available for these platforms.  The
standard man pages (Chap.  9) are not included here, but they can be
found in /pub/minix.1.5/man on the ftp site,
converted into a form usable online with the Minix 1.5 man command.

All *.nrf files are meant to be formatted with nroff, troff, or a similar
formatter.  You will need the macros file to do this.  Please note that
when written these chapters were formatted only for typesetting the
printed manual, there was no intention that the raw files would be
accessed by Minix users.  The version of nroff distributed with Minix
1.5 will probably not be adequate to format them.  The freely available
program groff is adequate, but to the best of my knowledge it has not
yet been ported to any version of Minix.  Thus you may need to find a
larger Unix system to properly display or print them.

Most of the Extended Manual Pages material is now incorporated into the
Minix 2.0 man pages, and can be found in man section 9.  Users of older
versions of Minix may occasionally find "See Chapter 9" references in
the ordinary man pages.  In the later versions of the Reference Manual,
after addition of the chapter on installing on the Sun SPARC, this
material was actually in Chapter 10, but it is still referred to as
"Chapter 9".   

I have formatted the orginal Chapter 10 nroff files into plain ASCII,
creating separate files for each of the subtopics covered in the
chapter.  These have all been combined into a shar archive, and the
files be extracted on most Unix systems (including Minix).  In the
process a number of errors in the original file were corrected.

When and if time permits I would like to convert and correct the
other files. If anyone else would like to do this for me, feel free.
Let me know, and I will post the converted files here.

asw 17.02.97


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