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For technical and security reasons, uploading to the /pub/incoming
directory is disabled on this site.  Sorry about that.  I would like to
make this site and its mirrors available as a distribution site for
Minix software, especially experimental work-in-progress, but the net
is not as friendly as it used to be and direct uploads cannot be

Mirror sites and other software repositories come and go.  Some mirror
sites may allow uploads.  If you have uploaded something to another
site and would like me to post a copy, please let me know.

You may send contributions to me by e-mail to awoodhull@hampshire.edu
as uuencoded tar-ed and compressed files.  If you have another way (for
instance, an ftp site where I can download from you) please send me
e-mail to make arrangements.  Also, please contact me in advance before
mailing me any really long files (>200K) by e-mail.

I always post a short text file explaining each contribution.  If you
send me separately or enclose in the tar file a text file named
<package>.txt I will use that.  If you don't send me something I'll
make something up that may not say exactly what you want, and it may
delay posting your contribution.  All descriptive files can be accessed
at http://minix1.hampshire.edu/pcontrib/index.html.  The page is
generated automatically and is updated daily.  It will display the
first two lines of the descriptive text.  A quick look at this page
will show you some good and bad examples of how to take advantage of
this feature.  Please try to emulate the good ones!

The preferred format for an upload is a .tar.Z (or .taz) file.  If you
expect your contribution to be useful to users of 16-bit Minix please
use 13-bit compression.  Minix uses 13-bit compression by default, but
Linux and other Unix versions use 16-bit compression.  Although a port
of gzip to Minix is available, please keep in mind that gzip is not
part of the standard Minix distribution, so a .tgz file may not be
useful to all visitors to this site.  If your contribution is a utility
designed to run under MS-DOS or Windows (or to support Minix-under-DOS)
you may send a .zip file.

For more information see the web page at /subm-how.html.
asw (awoodhull@hampshire.edu) 2005-03-09


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