modified: 09 Mar 2005

Important directories under /pub

-- /pub/minix.2.0/ Contains installation files for Minix 2.0.0 (as described 
   in Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 2nd ed.) and later releases 
   2.0.2, 2.0.3. or 2.0.4. PostScript documentation and installation files 
   for non-Intel platforms are available at ftp.cs.vu.nl.

-- /pub/contrib/ Contributed programs, work in progress, etc., including 
   current contributions from Claudio Tantignone and Michael Temari. 

-- /pub/ct_net/ Older versions of Claudio Tantignone's contributions (SLIP, 
   PPP, various ported programs).

-- /pub/inet/ Older versions of Michael Temari's Minix network extensions.

-- /pub/minix.1.5/ Material specific to Minix 1.5.

/pub/FTPINDEX (updated daily) lists all files in the public download area. 
Want to contribute? See the /pub/subm-how.html web page.

Please note that Network connections to this system are logged.         

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