Dosminix as a Bridge between Minix2.0.0 and Windows

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From: quakewang@yeah.net (Wangzhi)
Newsgroups: comp.os.minix
Subject: Use dosminix as a bridge to exchange data between minix2.0.0 and windows/Dos
Date: 24 Oct 2003 06:30:11 -0700

Use dosminix as a bridge to exchange data 
		   between minix2.0.0 and windows/Dos
	author :   (1)wangzhi   Wuhan University of Technology
     		   (2)zhoujin  	  Wuhan University of Technology
Abstract: This paper describe a method how to use dosminix as a bridge
to exchange data with mini2.0.0 and windows/dos eviroment.

Keyword:  Minix2.0.0 ,  Dosminix , windows/Dos
	Minix2.0.0 can not access windows/Dos disk, the only one
book(Operating system design and implementation (Second Edition) by
Andrew S.Tanenbaum  Albert S.Woodhull) about minix is based on
minix2.0.0. Many people need do some thing on it. At the same time
Minix2.0.0 surport only a few very old ASI network card, most of us do
not have them; so in minix2.0.0 we have to use floopy to exchange data
with out world. The floopy is too small for today’s file. In all
we need a more easy way to exchage data with out world.

	This method is to use Dosminix to access windows/dos disk, this disk
can be windows/Dos primary partition or logical partition, we can copy
something from/to windows/Dos disk to/from Dosminix. We also can use
Dosminix access a minix2.0.0 disk and copy data to/from minix2.0.0. So
we can get data from windows/dos to minix2.0.0 and the other way round
also possible. Because windows/Dos surports many devices, In
windows/Dos we can get what we need for minix2.0.0 from Internet,
CDROM , USBDevice and so on. For the dosminix can only copy to/from a
small windows/dos disk(less than 50M),we must create a small enough
disk(less than XXM),but Windows/Dos can have 4 logical partions,we use
one of them for this purpose is possible. And Dosminix can boot in
Windows/Dos enveriment, so exchange date between Windows/Dos and
minix2.0.0 do not need restart the computer.

	The following is the method exchange date between Windows/Dos and
1.	copy data from Windows/Dos to minix2.0.0
Download a dosminix.zip,and unzip it to c:\dosminix directory, type:
([enter] is press enter)
	C: [enter]
	cd  \dosminix [enter]
	boot minix.mnx [enter]
then you will see please type = to start minix,do not type = but type:
	ESC [enter] 
and come to the monitor, type:
	bus=at [enter]  c1=at [enter]  save [enter]  boot [enter]
then you will boot in to the dosminix, (supouse the extention
partition is at the third entry of the physical disk partirion table,
and logical drive D is less than 50 M, it is the first logical drive
on the extention partition,and these is a file at d:\hello.txt) and
type the following to get the file to current directory:
dosread  /dev/c1d0p2s0 hello.dat > hello.dat [enter]
then we can copy this file to minix2.0.0(surpose minix2.0.0 disk is
first entry of the physical disk partirion table) type:
	mount /dev/c1d0p0s0 /mnt [enter]
	cp hello.dat /mnt/tmp [enter]
now we copied the hello.dat file from Windows/Dos logical disk D to
/tmp directory of minix2.0.0 root disk.

2.	copy data from minix2.0.0 to Windows/Dos
Surpose we are in Windows/Dos enviroment, and boot the dosminix as the
above said, these is a minix2.0.0 installed in the disk as above said,
and these is a file world.dat at the /tmp directory of the minix2.0.0
root disk. copy the world.dat file to current dosminix directory.
	mount  /dev/c1d0p0s0  /mnt [enter]
cp  /mnt/tmp/world.dat  .  [enter]
and we surpose these is a D logical disk just as above said,we copy
the world.dat file to the d:\world.dat. type:
	doswrite  /dev/c1d0p2s0  world.dat  >  world.dat [enter]
now we copy a file from minix2.0.0 to Windows/Dos.

This a useful and relative easy way for minix2.0.0 to exchange data
with out world. We can do many more things to experiense the
minix2.0.0 Operating system than before when we use this method.
1.	Andrew S.Tanenbaum, Albert S.Woodhull, Operating system design and
implementation(Second Edition), Prentice-Hall international,inc.
2.	Newsgroup   comp.os.minix


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