screendump - write current console screen to standard output


     Screendump prints the contents of the console screen to standard  output.
     It does this by reading the screen memory, skipping over attribute bytes,
     omitting trailing blanks and inserting a newline character at the end  of
     each line.

     The most common use of screendump is with output redirected  to  a  file.
     This  allows  screen displays (including output of F-keys) to be captured
     for inclusion in other documents.

     This version is for IBM-PC architecture only.

     A network user captures an image of the main console, not his or her  own
     screen.  The output will usually not be what you expect if the display is
     in hardware scrolling mode, since in that mode the order of the lines  in
     screen  memory may not be the same as what appears on the screen.  If you
     expect to use screendump to send notes to  someone  about  problems  that
     occur while using MINIX you must remember to toggle to software scrolling
     before you make the dump.  It will also be necessary to use  su,  because
     /dev/mem is normally not world readable.

     Kees J. Bot (