cleantmp - clean out a tmp dir

     cleantmp [-d[level]] [-i file] ...  -days|-f [directory ...]

     Cleantmp removes all files in each of the  given  directories  and  their
     subdirectories  that  have  not  been  accessed for at least 'days' days.
     Empty subdirectories are removed if their modified times  are  more  than
     'days'  days  old.   Cleantmp  looks at days as humans do, i.e. they last
     from midnight to midnight.  Meaning that cleantmp  -1  /tmp  removes  all
     files  that  were not touched after midnight last night. This may be very
     helpful, because in many cases that big  file  that  clogs  up  /tmp  was
     created yesterday, but less than 24 hours ago.

     The 'days' flag may be replaced by -f  causing  cleantmp  to  remove  all
     files  in the directory no matter what age.  Specifying zero days doesn't
     work, because it is assumed to be a mistake.

     Cleantmp knows that files and directories that have a name starting  with
     a  '.'  are special and will not delete them or files within them if they
     are not at least 14 days old.


          Set the debug level to level (by default 1).  Normally  only  errors
          are  reported.   Debug  level  1 lists the actions taken on standard
          error, level 2 also prints the file times used, and  level  3  makes
          cleantmp playact, i.e. nothing is really removed.

     -i file
          One or more -i options name files to  be  ignored.   Files  are  not
          removed  if  they  are  in  the  list  of  ignored files by either a
          directory entry match, or a full pathname  match.   This  option  is
          useful  to keep things like named pipes that some longlived programs
          foolishly put in temporary directories.


     Don't use 'cleantmp -1' shortly after midnight.

     It would be nice if one could delete files that are, say, 2 hours old.

     Kees J. Bot (