MAKEDEV, DESCRIBE - make/describe device files

     MAKEDEV [-n] key ...
     DESCRIBE [device] ...

     MAKEDEV may be used to create the device files normally found in the /dev
     directory.   The  key  arguments  are simply the names of the devices you
     want.  MAKEDEV knows about all supported devices and will create them  in
     the  current  directory with the proper owner and mode.  For many devices
     MAKEDEV will not only create the device you want, but  also  the  devices
     related  to it that you will probably want too.  Naming one floppy device
     will create all floppy devices for the same drive for instance.

     Call MAKEDEV without arguments to see a list of keys that it understands.
     Then use the -n flag to make the script echo the commands it will execute
     the next time when you call it without that flag.

     The special key std must be given alone to MAKEDEV.  This key will create
     all standard devices.

     The command DESCRIBE will give you a  one-line  description  of  a  given
     device.  It will by default list all devices in /dev.

     dev(4), mknod(8).

     MAKEDEV's eagerness to create devices may cause many "File exists" errors
     from mknod.

     Kees J. Bot (