resolv.conf - Domain Name System resolver configuration


     The /etc/resolv.conf is used to configure  how  the  host  will  use  the
     Domain  Name System to resolve hostnames to IP addresses.  It may contain
     these two lines:

          nameserver     IP-address
          domain         domain-name

     The nameserver entry tells the IP address of the  host  to  use  for  DNS
     queries.  If it is set to (which is the default) then the local
     name daemon is used that may use the  /etc/hosts  database  to  translate
     host names.  You normally only need a nameserver entry if the name server
     is at the other side of a router.  The default nonamed name server  can't
     look beyond the local network.

     The domain  entry  tells  the  default  domain  to  use  for  unqualified
     hostnames.   This  entry is usually not given in which case the domain of
     the local host is used.

     The long version of this story can be found in resolver(5).


     /etc/resolv.conf    DNS resolver configuration file.

     resolver(5), hosts(5), nonamed(8), boot(8).

     Kees J. Bot (