uue, uuencode - encode a binary file to ASCII (e.g., for mailing)

     uue [-n] file [-]


     -n   How many lines to put in each file


     uue file            # Encode file to file.uue

     uue file - >x       # Encode file and write on stdout

     uue -800 file       # Output on file.uaa, file.uab etc.


     Uuencode is a famous program that converts an arbitrary (usually  binary)
     file to an encoding using only 64 ASCII characters.  Uudecode converts it
     back to the original file.  The  uue  and  uud  programs  are  the  MINIX
     versions  of  these programs, and are compatible with the UNIX ones.  The
     files produced can even  be  sent  successfully  over  BITNET,  which  is
     notorious  for  mangling files.  It is possible to have uue automatically
     split the encoded file up into small chunks.  The output files  then  get
     the  suffixes  .uaa,  .uab,  etc.,  instead  of  .uue.  When uud is given
     file.uaa to decode, it automatically includes the subsequent pieces.  The
     encoding  takes 3 bytes (24 bits) from the input file and renders it as 4
     bytes in the output file.

     btoa(1), uud(1).