svc, ci, co, svclog - shell version control system

     ci [-lu] file
     co [-l] [-r rev] file
     svclog file


     -l   For ci, checkin, checkout again, and lock file

     -l   For co, checkout file and then lock the archive

     -u   After checking in, do not delete the file

     -r   Check out revision rev instead most recent revision


     ci -u file          # Check in file

     co -l file          # Check out file and lock archive

     co -r 2 file        # Check out version 2


     Svc is the Shell Version Control system, patterned on RCS.  It  maintains
     a  sequence  of  versions  in  archive files, so that new versions can be
     checked in (added to the archive), and old versions can  be  checked  out
     (made available).  To create an archive for file, check it in with the -u
     flag.  This action will prompt for a  log  message  and  then  create  an
     archive  called  file,S  in the current directory, or in the subdirectory
     SVC if it exists. The  file  will  not  be  deleted,  but  will  be  made

     To update the file, check it out with the -l flag.  Then modify  it,  and
     check it back in, giving a new message when prompted.  After this process
     has been repeated  many  times,  the  archive  will  contain  the  entire
     history.   Any  version  can  be checked out using the -r flag.  To get a
     printout of the history, use svclog.