postmort - perform post-mortem on PC Minix core files

     postmort [-dpt] -c corefile -s symbfile


     -c   Use the named corefile

     -d   Dump all text symbols and segment data

     -p   Display the kernel process table

     -s   Use the named symbol file

     -t   Display a stack backtrace


     postmort            # display the data from the file 'core'


     Postmort does a simple static analysis  of  a  PC  Minix  core  file;  By
     default,  it  looks  for the file 'core' in the local directory and loads
     that for analysis; it also searches for the  file  'symbol.out',  and  if
     that  fails 'a.out', expecting them to contain symbol information for the
     core file.  It is not a fatal error if the symbol files don't exist.

     The stack backtrace is slightly tricky, and may  go  on  longer  than  is
     really  justified, since there's no easy way for it to know when to stop.
     Treat its results with caution.