mixer - manipulate mixer settings on a sound card

     mixer [-r]

     Mixer, invoked without arguments, turns the screen into  a  sound  mixer.
     Levels  can  be changed with the cursor-left and cursor-right keys. Input
     and output settings can be toggled with the space bar.  For  every  sound
     source  there are two, or one when mono, sliders. The input controls have
     only effect when recording with the Dac. These settings can also be  used
     to  switch the left and right channels or, when both channels are enabled
     on both Dac channels, record in mono. To exit the mixer use the 'e' key.

     Mixer settings can be stored and restored with the 's'  (store)  and  'r'
     keys.  When the store function is used Mixer will write the settings to a
     file in the user's home directory called  .mixer.  The  restore  function
     reads this file to restore saved settings.


     -r   restore settings saved in .mixer and exit immediately

     Michel R. Prevenier (mrpreve@cs.vu.nl)