anm - print name list

     anm [-gnoprus] file ...


     -g   Global symbols only

     -n   Sort numerically

     -o   Prepend the filename to each line

     -p   No sorting----use symbol table order

     -r   Sort in reverse order

     -u   List undefined symbols only

     -s   Sort in section order


     anm  -gn  test.o    # Print global symbols in numerical order


     Anm prints the name list (symbol table) of each ACK format object file in
     the argument list.  If no file name is given, a.out is used.  Each symbol
     name is preceded by its value, a section indicator and a type  indicator.
     The section indicators are:

        U  Undefined symbol
        A  Absolute symbol
        -  Other symbol

     The type indicators are:

        F  Filename
        M  Module name
        S  Section name
        E  External (global) symbol
        -  Local symbol

     The output is sorted alphabetically, unless otherwise specified.   Notice
     that  anm  can  only  be used on ACK format object files (that is: .o and
     .out files). If you want to get the name list of  an  executable  program
     use nm instead.

     asize(1), nm(1), ar(1), size(1).