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[Picture of Al Woodhull] Albert S. Woodhull
Amherst, MA 01002, USA
mail address: P. O. Box 843, Amherst, MA 01004-0843, USA
phone: 413-549-2983

This page has links to some of my activities and interests.


[Nicaragua map] In 1997 I returned to Nicaragua for six months, from February through August, 1997. I had worked there in the past as a visiting professor at the UNI, the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria and the UNAN, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua. This time I worked at the UNAN, teaching an advanced Operating Systems course for faculty members and helping the UNAN's efforts to network their computers. As in 1993, I was supported by a Fulbright grant.


[Cuba map] Hampshire College has attempted to develop relationships with Cuba. In June 1999 I visited the Universidad de Camaguey as part of this exchange.


[PAX Analytics] I do various kinds of computer and electronic consulting on occasion. One small company I have worked with, Pax Analytics of Hiesburg, VT produces computer-based environmental monitoring systems.

Ham radio

I do some things purely for fun. Ham radio is a long-time hobby. My ham radio callsign is N1AW. There are some more pictures here. I have also held the Nicaraguan callsign YN1ASW. In Nicaragua the ham radio interest was more than just a hobby, the UNAN's Internet link from 1993 until recently was via a radio connection to the Engineering University (UNI) using ham-type technology.

Recreation and sports

I run regularly, and occasionally participate in races of distances from 5 km up to half-marathons. I also enjoy skiing, both cross-country and downhill, hiking, camping, and fishing. In the summertime I play softball with a group of friends in the local coed unumpired league here in Amherst, MA. Our team is the Dragons.


[solar panel] I'm interested in renewable energy sources. Our planet will not survive if we don't start living within the limits nature imposes. My wife Barbara worked on promotion of solar energy in Nicaragua, and when we were there we used a small photovoltaic system for emergency lighting and powering my ham radio and computer equipment. My ham radio station is also solar powered. One group that is doing a lot of work in this field is the Renewable Energy Research Laboratory (RERL). at the University of Massachusetts. One of the RERL's projects is an experimental wind turbine on Mt. Tom, which overlooks the Connecticut River just a few miles south of Amherst.

Barbara's work with the Amherst Solid Waste Committee led to an interest in the Natural Step (TNS). This non-profit environmental education organization is working to build an ecologically and economically sustainable society.

Barbara is starting a business to sell devices that help people understand and use solar energy. Her own web page is being developed. I have a few pages that introduce the heliodon and related devices.

Picture gallery and links to family and friends:

[brothers and Dad] Here's a family web page I put together showing a number of activities, mostly from 1999, as well as a few older pictures.

My son Gordon and I share the website. Also see for more about Gordon's project.

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