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modified: 13 Feb 2007

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In searching the web for references to Minix I have often come upon references to websites which were created to support teaching university level operating systems courses. I add links to this page as I find them. I would appreciate receiving e-mail from anyone who has created such a site or who can recommend such a site.

As I tried to verify these links in January 2005, I found many of them could not be reached. I decided to keep all references on-line anyway, as some of the problems may be temporary. Some links below are to archive sites. I would appreciate any help anyone reading this can give me in updating this information. See the note at the bottom of the page about finding lost pages.

Minix course links

These are listed more-or-less in oldest to newest order, but the dates when a particular course was taught are not always determinable from the online information.

Finding lost web pages

Web pages may change, or move, or be removed. But often the content of a "lost" page can still be found on the web. Two ways to hunt for such pages are the Google cache and the Wayback Machine. More info on these can be found in an article on Web Archives: Finding Lost Sites and Pages.

Archiving services are very busy. There may be a time lag between when a site disappears from visibility on the World Wide Web and when it can be found in an archive. That's one of the reasons I have kept some items in the list above even though I was not able to reach them when I did my last review.

Course-related material often appears on a web site identified with a particular professor. Sometimes a new person may take over teaching a standard course and the material will then reappear with a new web address. Please inform me if you recognize a case where this has happened. Also, if you recognize one of your colleagues or a former professor as the author of a page which can no longer be reached, I would appreciate your bringing my site to the attention of the author of the now-inaccessible page. Some of the material created to aid in teaching may be very useful to others, and it would be a shame for it to disappear forever. I am willing to consider hosting a mirror of material that might otherwise disappear from the web. Contact me at the address below.

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