[OSDI3 Book Cover] Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 3rd edition
now available (January 2006)!
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Second Edition

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Albert S. Woodhull

ISBN 0-13-638677-6

Operating Systems- Design and Implementation is the only operating systems textbook that combines both the principles and the practice in a unified way. Most texts just discuss the principles without showing how they are applied in practice. This one is different: not only does it discuss all the principles in detail, but it also presents and discusses the complete source code of a small UNIX-like operating system called MINIX. By studying both the principles and the source code of a real system, the reader gets a far deeper understanding of how operating systems really work.

When the first edition of this now classic best-seller appeared in 1987, it took the world by storm. Within three months, MINIX had its own USENET newsgroup, with over 40,000 subscribers. Since 1987, MINIX has evolved and the book has been heavily revised to reflect the new system and new ideas in operating system design. In addition, the second edition of the book now contains the full MINIX system, including all the source code, on a CD-ROM that is included with every book. MINIX can also be obtained for free over the Internet by clicking here .

Award-winning educator and researcher Andrew S. Tanenbaum has teamed up with experienced educator Albert S. Woodhull to explain how operating systems work inside -from the low-level device interrupts up through file systems and security, and everything in between.

The authors clearly present:

With over 150 exercises, an up-to-date annotated bibliography, the MINIX source code (in C) in Appendix A, a separate solutions manual for instructors, and figure files available for downloading, the book is perfect for students and computing professionals.

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