Minix to host file transfers on VMWare

modified: 21 Jun 2003

Jeff Absher <jeffab@jeffab.com> recently passed on this information on transferring files from Minix on VMWare to a Windows 2000 host:

This gets files from MINIX to a host 2K system.. I haven't figured out the other direction yet, but it is much better than dealing with virtual floppies.

  1. set up a serial port to output file mapping, say to c:\scratch\ser1
  2. start Minix guest machine
  3. tar up the file(s) you want to move:
    tar cvf /tmp/mytempfile.tar /inputfiles
  4. uencode the files directly to the serial port
    uue inputfile - >/dev/tty00
  5. when uuencode returns prompt.. on host machine copy the serial file to mytempfile.tar.uue
  6. halt minix, close VM, delete the serial file (if it's big)
  7. uudecode as normal (winzip can handle this)
  8. untar as normal (winzip can handle this too)
I thought this might help others.

And if you are really bored my Master's project was to implement a new file type in MINIX. The writeup is posted at http://students.depaul.edu/~jabsher


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