PCI Ethernet Cards and Minix

modified: Oct 29, 2000

Tomasz Antosik (tomek@linux.com.pl) wrote on 22 Sept 2000: Here's a patch which makes available usage of PCI NIC's I hope it could be useful for somebody (tested on Minix 2.0.2)

No additional explanation was provided, but I believe the effect of this is to allow Minix to refer to the extended range of I/O addresses that are used with devices on the PCI bus. You may need to disable plug and play for your card to keep Windows from changing the addresses.

Please contact me if you have difficulty applying this patch. It's possible a web browser may alter the formatting enough that the patch program won't recognize it.

Al Woodhull awoodhull@hampshire.edu

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------------------------------ cut here -------------------------------
*** kernel/dp8390.c.orig Fri Sep  8 19:26:04 2000
--- kernel/dp8390.c Fri Sep  8 19:13:44 2000

> 					enable_irq(irq);
< 	return 1;
> 	return 0;
< 	switch (env_parse(dcp->dpc_envvar, dpc_fmt, 0, &v, 0x0000L, 0x3FFL)) {
>  	switch (env_parse(dcp->dpc_envvar, dpc_fmt, 0, &v, 0x0000L, 0xFFFFL)) {
---------------------------- end of patch -----------------------------