3C503 Ethernet Support for Minix

modified: 17 Apr 2001

Date:         Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:49:21 +0200
From: Kees J Bot 
Subject:      Re: Network Card Support in Minix

In article ,
Scott A Stevens   wrote:
>there are any alternatives to the NE2000 card that I can run on my newest
>box, a 386sx running Minix 2.0.  I'd like to plug in one of the 3-Com
>cards and not have to go out and buy something new.  Is this possible?

In ftp://ftp.cs.vu.nl/pub/kjb/3com/3com.taz you can find a driver for
the 3c503 card written by G. Falzoni  that you
can try.  It contains a number of replacements and a few new files.
Like any other .TAZ file it is a compressed tar file relative to /usr,
so you can either put it on a floppy and run 'setup /usr' or do the

        cd /usr
        zcat ...../3com.taz | tar xvfp -

Next run 'make clean' in src/kernel/ and build a new kernel.  Reboot,
set DPETH0=io_addr:irq to the board's I/O address and an IRQ equal to 3,
4, 5, or 9.  Then, whether it works or not, SEND ME A MESSAGE.  I have
asked several people to tell me if it works or not and all I got was
silence.  This is quite disappointing.
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