intr - run a command with interrupts enabled

     intr [-d] [-t seconds] command [arg...]

     Intr executes a command with keyboard interrupts  enabled,  and  standard
     input,  output  and  error redirected to the terminal or the console.  It
     may also be used for the opposite: to detach a process from the terminal.

     There are three situations where intr may be used:  From a  process  that
     has no controlling tty, like the shell running /etc/rc at boot time, from
     a script that runs in the background, or by the System  Administrator  to
     restart a daemon.

     In the first case intr will use /dev/console as a controlling tty and  as
     standard  input,  output  and  error.   In  the second case intr will use
     /dev/tty to connect the command to the controlling  tty.   In  the  third
     case  the  process  will be removed from the process group, and will have
     I/O redirected to /dev/null as input, and /dev/log for output.


     -d   Daemonize a process instead of bringing it to the foreground.  Don't
          forget  to  use  '&'  to  make  the  shell not wait for the process,
          because you won't be able to kill it with the interrupt key.

     -t seconds
          Schedule an alarm to  kill  the  process  in  the  given  number  of
          seconds.   Use  it  for  a  process that may wait indefinitely for a
          service that may not be available.


     /dev/console        Main computer console.

     /dev/log            Message logging device.

     /dev/tty            Name for the controlling tty.

     boot(8), tty(4), setsid(2), alarm(2).

     Maybe intr -d should fork to daemonize a process, but the author likes it
     if the process stays in the jobs list of his shell.

     Kees J. Bot (