ttytab - table of login terminals


     The ttytab file lists all the terminal devices that one can login on.  It
     is a simple text file that contains lines of the form:

          name   type   "getty"   "init"

     The name and type fields are simple  words,  name  is  the  name  of  the
     terminal  device  with  /dev  stripped  off,  and  type tells the type of
     terminal to initialize the TERM environment variable.

     The getty and init fields may name commands that are run to allow one  to
     login  on  the line, or to initialize the line.  Both these fields may be
     more than one word if the whole  field  is  enclosed  in  double  quotes.
     Getty  is usually simply the word getty, the command that prints a system
     identification banner and allows on to type a name to log  in.   Init  is
     usually an stty command to set the baud rate and parity of a serial line.

     The init field may be omitted  to  indicate  that  no  initialization  is
     necessary,  and  the  getty  field  may  be left out to not start a login
     process.  Terminals should not be left out, because their  place  in  the
     ttytab file determines their slot number as returned by ttyslot(3).

     Comments (introduced by #) and empty lines are ignored.

     A ttytab for the console, two serial lines, and a pseudo tty entry:

          console   minix     getty
          tty00     vt100     getty    "stty 9600"
          tty01     dialup    getty    "stty 38400"
          ttyp0     network


     TERM           Terminal type

     It is customary to set the type to dialup for a  dialin  line.   One  can
     check for that name in one's .profile.

     getttyent(3), ttyslot(3), init(8).

     Kees J. Bot (