finger - user information lookup program

     finger [ options ] name ...

     By default finger lists the login name,  full  name,  terminal  name  and
     write  status  (as  a `*' before the terminal name if write permission is
     denied), idle time, login time, and office location and phone number  (if
     they  are known) for each current UNIX user.  (Idle time is minutes if it
     is a single integer, hours and minutes if a ':'  is present, or days  and
     hours if a 'd' is present.)

     A longer format also exists and is used by  finger  whenever  a  list  of
     people's  names is given.  (Account names as well as first and last names
     of users are accepted.)  This format is multi-line, and includes all  the
     information  described  above  as  well  as the user's home directory and
     login shell, any plan which the person has placed in the  file  .plan  in
     their  home directory, and the project on which they are working from the
     file .project also in the home directory.

     Finger may be used to lookup users on a remote machine.  The format is to
     specify  the  user  as  ``user@host.''  If the user name is left off, the
     standard format listing is provided on the remote machine.

     Finger options include:

     -m   Match arguments only on user name.

     -l   Force long output format.

     -p   Suppress printing of the .plan files

     -s   Force short output format.

     /etc/utmp               who file
     /etc/passwd             for users names, offices, ...
     /usr/adm/lastlog        last login times
     ~/.plan                 plans
     ~/.project              projects

     chfn(1), w(1), who(1).

     Earl T. Cohen

     Only the first line of the .project file is printed.

     There is no way to pass arguments to the remote machine as finger uses an
     internet standard port.