times - get process times


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/times.h>
     #include <time.h>

     int times(struct tms *buffer)


     Times returns time-accounting information for the current process and for
     the  terminated child processes of the current process.  All times are in
     1/CLOCKS_PER_SEC seconds.

     This is the structure returned by times:

          struct tms {
              clock_t   tms_utime;    /* user time for this process */
              clock_t   tms_stime;    /* system time for this process */
              clock_t   tms_cutime;   /* children's user time */
              clock_t   tms_cstime;   /* children's system time */

     The user time is the number of clock ticks used by a process on  its  own
     computations.   The system time is the number of clock ticks spent inside
     the kernel on behalf of a process.  This  does  not  include  time  spent
     waiting for I/O to happen, only actual CPU instruction times.

     The children times are the sum of the children's process times and  their
     children's times.


     Times returns 0 on success, otherwise -1 with the error code stored  into
     the global variable errno.


     The following error code may be set in errno:

     [EFAULT]       The address specified by the buffer parameter is not in  a
                    valid part of the process address space.


     time(1), wait(2), time(2).