treecmp - recursively list differences in two directory trees


     treecmp [-cv] olddir newdir


     -c   (changes) list the names of changed or new files

     -v   (verbose) list all directories processed


     treecmp -v /usr/ast/V1 /usr/ast/V2
                         # Compare two trees


     Treecmp recursively descends the directory tree of  its  second  argument
     and  compares  all  files  to  those at the corresponding position in the
     first  argument.  If  the  two  trees  are  identical,  i.e.,   all   the
     corresponding  directories  and  files  are the same, there is no output.
     Otherwise, a list of files missing from one of the trees  or  present  in
     both  but whose contents are not identical in both are printed.  When the
     -c flag is given, only files that are changed from the old version or are
     new (i.e., absent in the old version) are listed.