mref - make listing and cross reference map of MINIX


     mref [-dlmstx] [-p n] [-n] file ...


     -d   Do not produce definition file (global symbol table)

     -l   Do not produce listing

     -m   Multiple references on one line are cited only once

     -p   Set initial page number to n

     -s   Suppress line numbering between procedures

     -t   Generate output for troff

     -x   Do not produce the cross reference map

     -n   Number of lines to print per page, default = 50


     mref *.[hc]         # List and cross reference files .h and .c

     mref -60 -t *.c     # Produce troff input at 60 lines/page

     mref -dx -p 100 *.c # Listing only, first page is numbered 100


     In default mode, mref produces three output files: a numbered listing  of
     the  input  files  (on  standard  output),  a  global  symbol  table  (on
     symbol.out), and  a  cross  reference  map  to  the  global  symbols  (on
     xref.out).   A global symbol in this context is one present in a #define,
     PUBLIC, PRIVATE, or SYMBOL statement  (the  latter  being  introduced  to
     allow users to explicitly declare certain symbols as global).  Any of the
     three outputs can be suppressed, or alternatively, be made  suitable  for
     input to troff for typesetting.