ln, clone - create a link to a file


     ln [-ifmrRvx] file [name]
     ln [-ifrRvx] file ... dir
     clone [-ifmvx] file [name]


     -i   Ask if ok to remove a file

     -f   Remove existing links

     -m   Merge trees, disable the into-a-directory trick

     -rR  Recursively link a directory tree

     -v   Display what ln is doing

     -x   Do not cross device boundaries


     ln file newname     # Make newname a synonym for file

     ln /usr/games/chess # Create a link called chess


     A directory entry is created for name  .  The  entry  points  to  file  .
     Henceforth,  name  and  file can be used interchangeably.  If name is not
     supplied, the last component of file is used as the link name.   If  more
     than  one  file  is supplied or the name refers to an existing directory,
     links will be created in that directory.  An existing name  will  not  be
     removed unless the -i or -f flag is specified.

     Clone is a convenient synonym for ln -fmr to  create  a  so-called  "link
     farm", a directory full of links to the original tree.


     cp(1), link(2), unlink(2).