dosdir - list an MS-DOS directory [IBM]


     dosdir [-lr] drive


     -l   Long listing

     -r   Recursively descend and print subdirectories


     dosdir -l A         # List root directory on drive A

     dosdir -r C x/y     # Recursively list directory x/y

     dosdir -r fd1       # List device /dev/fd1


     Dosdir reads standard IBM PC diskettes or hard disk partitions in  MS-DOS
     format  and  lists  their  contents  on standard output.  Directory names
     should contain slashes to separate components, even  though  MS-DOS  uses
     backslashes.   The names dosdir , dosread , and doswrite are all links to
     the same program.  The program sees which function to perform  by  seeing
     how  it  was  called.   A  drive  code  of  A  causes  the program to use
     /dev/dosA, for example, a link to /dev/fd0.  Similarly, to have hard disk
     partition 1 be DOS drive C, /dev/dosC could be a link to /dev/hd1, and so
     on for other drive codes.  A normal device name may also be used  instead
     of a drive code.