ar, aal - archivers


     ar [dmpqrtx][abciluv] [posname] archive [file ...]
     aal [dpqrtx][clv] archive [file ...]


     ar r libc.a sort.s  # Replace sort.s in libc.a

     ar rb a.s libc.a b.s
                         # Insert b.s before a.s in libc.a


     Ar allows groups of files to be put together into a single  archive.   It
     is  normally  used for libraries of compiled procedures.  Aal is like ar,
     but is to be used with the ACK compiler.  The following keys are allowed:

        d: Delete. Ar will delete the named members.
        m: Move named files. Ar expects a, b, or i to be specified.
        p: Print the named files (list them on stdout)
        q: Quickly append to the end of the archive file.
        r: Replace (append when not in archive).
        t: Print the archive's table of contents.
        x: Extract

     The keys may optionally concatencated with one or more of the following:

        a: After posname
        b: Before posname
        c: Create  (suppresses creation message)
        i: Before posname
        l: Local temporary file for work instead of /tmp/ar.$$$$$
        u: Replace only if dated later than member in archive
        v: Verbose


     anm(1), asize(1), nm(1), size(1).